Customer Testimonial

GEM Cable performed several telecom deployments of CIENA CPL ULHCORE , CIENA OME6500 and Fujitsu 9500/7200 networks for VERIZON EMEA.

We will recommend GEM again for future projects at Verizon, their services as their professional Engineers done an excellent work.

GEM Cable installs of equipment, optical fiber, power cables, Ethernet, timing cables are prior the best I ever see in Verizon
GEM Commissioning Engineers are well knowledge on the CIENA, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Cisco and Juniper equipment, for Backbone or Metro Networks.
GEM Documentation are well detail and useful for Operation Groups

GEM Engineers are capable to test any type of protocols we requested.
GEM Sr. Engineers were able to insert and design networks in Management Platforms as Preside, OMEA, Netsmart .....
GEM Sr. Engineers perform Software Upgrades of CIENA OME6500, CIENA OM5K, CIENA Optera DX across EMEA and went the extra step to clear standing issues that were in Verizon network prior the Upgrades.
GEM Sr. Engineers also provide training to Verizon Local Engineers and support to Verizon 2nd level group.
GEM Sr. Engineers were capable also to Upgrade Verizon Spare cards with a quick turnaround, CIENA OME6500, OM5k Shelf Processors, CIENA CPL UOSC/DOSC, .........


Fred Rubio, Lead Consultant Engineer-Network Planning
Verizon Business